Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it October already?

Geez, weren't we just celebrating Memorial day or something? Well, I just looked and I saw my last entry was in April so maybe that's why I am so far behind. I'm trying to do the KCL thing but I don't know for some reason I am not feeling as if I am fitting in there so well. Here seems more comfortable to me and it feels easier to keep up with everyone as I just scroll down my list and click to read an update. Sigh...I don't know what to do. Sometimes I do miss the regularity of keeping a journal but then sometimes it seems like too much work. I already feel as if I spend too much time online already.....

But anyways.... enough complaining.... I had a pretty good September. Well only because I finally got to go on vacation. I went up to Southern New Jersey to visit family. Also, took some day trips into NYC, Philly, and Atlantic City (where I ended up making a nice donation) :-( But all in all it was a wonderful week. Then I came home, worked for three days then was off again to Indiana. I went for a nice long weekend to meet some friends from a dating site that I'm on that also has forums. There were 15 of us in total and it was an amazing weekend. I have never had so much fun.... On the Sunday I was there, we all drove into Kentucky (not far from Bengal stadium) and went to this cool sports bar to watch football (it was opening day) and again had a great time. Most everyone went home Monday but I stayed till Tuesday and it was really hard to leave. The friendships I formed that weekend are certain to last a lifetime. Someone is already planning a NYE party but I don't think I will be able to attend due to work conflicts. That makes me seriously sad. But we are all getting together for some type of trip in the Spring so I have that to look forward to.

I'll be making another entry soon about my crappy love life (and how soon it might not be so crappy) But I need to get back to work and get some laundry done. Day off? Ha! What day off? Ok gotta go for now.....


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