Monday, October 11, 2010

mid weekend

So I am almost at the end of my 3 day weekend. Sunday I volunteered at the local Aveda Institute. They had a cut-a-thon and also were offering mani/pedi's and 30 minute massage. 100% of the proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I had a good time and made a few new clients to boot. Today was chiropractor day and then in the afternoon I had to take Dad to the dentist. He lost a tooth on Thursday. And wouldn't you know, we get there today and I forgot to bring it. Well turns it the dentist wasn't going to be able to use it anyways. So he has to go back on Wednesday and he will get whatever was left under the crown pulled out.. Oh boy, I wonder how that will go. I will be at work and who knows how this will all go down. I have public transportation coming to pick him up and take him home. This will be a real test. Jeez, I didn't think about all this stuff before. Like will he remember to lock the door and stuff?

He just came over and informed me my typing is making too much noise and the neighbors are going to complain. This is what I have to deal with people.... Sigh.... Good night all.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

match. set. point.

OK I joined tonight. Mostly because I had an email waiting and I wanted to see if it was from someone I had winked at (of course it wasn't) It was from this guy who is a professor at the Art Institute (I went there right out of high school) Kind of my type but not really because I didn't see anything on his page about sports and I am a HUGE football fan. You would think that would be a plus but I feel guys are intimidated when a girl is a big fan. I dunno but anyways, wish me luck.

Today I was busy at work (yay) Hopefully Monday they start the salon remodel. Dammit I forgot to take before pics. Im sure one of my camera crazy co-workers will take care of that for me. Not much else to write.... Maybe I will go watch a movie....