Friday, July 1, 2016

Its the firstofthemonth....

I always liked Bone Thugs and Harmony.  Wonder what they are all doing now.

So I downloaded the blogger app to make posting entries a little easier.  But it seems I can only post pics I take from the camera.  I dont think you can pull any from your phone gallery to post.  Still figuring this out.

So yeah, ok.  Last time I posted was 11/2010.  I guess you could say a lot has happened since then.  Let me try to get comfy, I have a lot of typing to do.

So my dad passed away that December.  The 18th specifically.  So of course the holidays were quite melancholy for me as my mom had passed a few years prior on Jan 3rd.

Around that time I had been talking to a guy online and we were developing a nice relationship and were planning on finally meeting soon.  He ended up coming to visit in January.  Its hard to put into words the whole experience because it was good and also it was not so good at the same time.  Fast forward to March 2011 and I flew to Houston to visit him.  Now in my defense, remember I had just lost my father so lets just say I had a few lapse in judgement moments.  I went for a long weekend.  One of the high points was renting a Harley and driving to Austin.  We went to this place called the Oasis which of course is a tourist trap and the food is ok at best.  But the reason everyone goes there is to watch the amazing sunset over lake Travis.  That was my first time riding on a bike like that.  All I can say is wow.

Also, that weekend we attended a get together for couples who had met of this particular dating site we were all members of.  It was small, just 3 couples but it was fun.  Dinner, clubbing, then finishing up the night at a local pub.  The people I met that night would change my life in more ways than one.

The last thing we did before I came back home was go to the Houston rodeo.  Its a pretty big deal.  We also saw Kiss.  Thay wasn't such a big deal because of the rodeo being all family oriented they had to tone down their show.  But they are getting up there in years so you know... It was kindnof disappointing.  As was the day I flew back home to Florida.  Lets just say I wasn't going to be seeing Mr. Harley again.  He ended up being a douche nozzle to the Nth degree.  I suppose I was blinded by grief a bit.  But at that point in my life I was so desperate to find love, I tolerated behavior that I never would have put up with normally.

So fast forward to the following January (2012) and I'm cleaning out old phone numbers and come across the one of one of the other guys who was at the couples get together the previous March.  He also lived in Houston.  So I just sent him a text to say "Hi, how ya doing?" and we start talking on the phone every night getting to know each other better.  I think we had been talking over a month when he said he had a confession to make.  He said that night all the couples met and it was time to say goodbye, when we hugged he felt a spark between us.  He said "after that hug, i knew I was going to see you again."  I was like whooooa!  So he ended up coming to Florida for a long weekend in April. That weekend I knew I had met the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with....


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